What is Golden Smophy ?

We are something more than just a marketing agency. We cooperate with investors around the world. The company is composed of open-minded people who are specialists in their trade. We are specialised in promoting projects on a global scale. Thanks to our collaborators from around the world, we are capable of reaching recipients from Nordwik to Cape Horn.

We develop each day thanks to our strong team, and the effects of our work are growing incredibly fast. Our way of working arouses great interest in the world. The investors know our marketing potential.

The developers trust us, because they realise that we will be fully involved in the project implementation. We start from developing an action plan and then we implement it, which allows the company to spread its wings; meanwhile, we carry out social media activities. All of this is done for a selected group of recipients.

Golden Smophy agency also handles physical marketing in different parts of the world. We prepare meetings, conferences and trainings. We can meet you in the USA, but also in China or India.

Company History

At the beginning, our group consisted of 7 individuals specialised in their trade, with great ambitions and will. We started from promotion of start-ups, but it was in the cryptocurrency market that our potential was fully used.

When we began our work in the cryptocurrency market, which was little known back then, we established cooperation with many people. We helped them promote smaller projects, or even some of the best known projects nowadays.

The cryptocurrency market has great potential, and therefore we cooperate and help our customers from the very start. We stay in the shadow and work towards the success of large undertakings. The customer is most important for us. We have implemented most of our projects anonymously.

However, we can boast of our latest implemented project, which was OkCash cryptocurrency.

Not many people had heard of this company until recently. Nowadays, it is almost a synonym of cryptocurrency, recognisable around the world. During our operations, we have achieved the growth of over 1,000%.

Every company coming to us would like to repeat the success for which we worked for 3 weeks. However, it is full cooperation with the founders and developers that allows us to achieve such phenomenal result. We are able to repeat such results in every next project; however, before coming to us, each of you has to answer the following question: What are we ready to do for our company to go global? Are we ready for cooperation? Are we going to handle the pressure of competition to become the best in the market? If the answer is yes, then let’s go!

Global Reach Map

Our team

We have grown from a team of 7 individuals to the level of several dozen specialists, each of whom is responsible for a particular marketing area. We are a strong team in which each area mutually cooperates with another one, laying a strong and solid foundation for every marketing campaign that we run.

At the Golden Smophy team we have marketing specialists, strategists, programmers, graphic designers, copywriters, interpreters, as well as business, IT and stock exchange analysts.

In our work we also use freelancers, such as illustrators, bloggers, influencers, start-uppers, or even psychologists.

The entire Golden Smophy cooperates with the leaders of various types of communities interested in the subject of cryptocurrencies.

However, the most valuable group that cooperates with us are the teams of serious and trustworthy investors from around the world.

Our employees and collaborators allow us to implement innovative, creative and particularly complex marketing campaigns.