The little-known cryptocurrency OkCash originated in 2014 and the company tried marketing themselves until 31 August 2017. However, despite great ambitions and huge bright prospects, they did not manage to enter the global market. The breakthrough date was 31 August 2017, when the developers from OkCash decided to establish cooperation in the field of marketing with us.
Before the beginning of our cooperation, the company had a very low trading volume on Bittrex exchange: 25 BTC

The properly developed strategy for OkCash, including the change of company logo, new website and implementation of many innovative ideas allowed to build a very strong brand of this currency, as well as a large community focused around the project.

Thanks to many supporters interested in this cryptocurrency, it still maintains a very high trading volume on Bittrex exchange and a relatively high price.

Campaign location:

  • Social Media.


  • Promotional campaign start date – 31 August: 1,800 satoshi
  • Project end date: 19,500 satoshi.
  • Price increase over 1,000%

Campaign duration:

  • approximately 2 weeks.


  • achieving multiple high positions on Bittrex exchange:
  • TOP1 – first largest gain
    ‘Biggest % Gain’ – 4 September 2017
    which returned to the first position
    every 2-3 days on the average.

The greatest achievement of OkCash was coming to the top of cryptocurrencies listed on Bittrex exchange.

OkCash gradually made its way to the top – the largest volume

These activities allowed to gain new investors for a cryptocurrency that had been not known almost to anyone before.

Many OkCash supporters who appeared during the campaign began to take active part in the project.
They started creating their own images and funny gifs, as well as searched individually for further people to present them the development prospects of the currency.

We can easily admit that OkCash project turned out to be the biggest phenomenon in the cryptocurrency market in September 2017.

This is evidenced by films on YouTube, where well-known traders from around the world showed their respect for the project and tried to capture its phenomenon.

We think that we achieved huge success as a marketing company by opening the way to the top for a great project like OkCash.

At the moment, the chart is as follows:

During our cooperation, OkCash created a unique platform for Okcash Games players and payment system, as well as clarified and updated its websites.
We are proud of working with such great people – a strong and talented team committed to ongoing development.

The developers working on OkCash stay in constant contact with us, and our cooperation has not finished. We will continue to support the development team in subsequent marketing campaigns.

Thanks from OkCash for collaboration.