Development of individual, well-prepared promotional strategy:

We treat each project individually.
The prepared strategy is developed only for a particular company and we use the best that a company has to offer; additionally, we jointly prepare development plans for the near and far future (all in line with the developers’ expectations).
We use our experience, market knowledge and familiarity with the investors. We know what they expect, what they look for and what will attract their attention. We will arouse interest in the global market and, thanks to the prepared development strategy, we will allow to attract the individuals who will stay with you for a very long time.

Production of film and graphic materials for the purpose of promotion:

Thanks to the cooperation with professional companies (animators, graphic designers, programmers), we prepare special materials and creations at the beginning of a marketing campaign.
In order to achieve better results, we create a promotional film for your company and special infographics for the marketing purposes. All materials are prepared using elements of psychology, entertainment, contest, or motivating investors for internal competition.

Implementation of complex marketing campaigns:

Golden Smophy agency organises events, conferences, meetings and trainings around the world. Nothing is impossible for us – we are able to meet the expectations of our customers anywhere at any time.

Project promotion in social media:

Thanks to the specialised team, we create the most effective and efficient marketing campaigns in social media.
Every day, business and IT analysts provide reports on the largest activities of investors and groups of recipients around the world. Business analysts translate the above information to increase of income and improvement of the value of your company in various parts of the world where our target groups are located.
The Golden Smophy team uses the most effective mass media, thanks to which we achieve the previously assumed objectives every day.

Winning potential investors:

Depending on the customer’s expectations and analysis of target groups, we address our activities to selected countries or regions. The scope of our activities is unlimited. We have collaborators in a majority of the most developed countries in the world. We know how to prepare a good strategy, how to prepare good materials and creations, as well as how to arouse interest.
Thanks to the analysis of market and needs we know to which area particular activities should be directed.
For our customers’ needs, we also gain contractors to cooperate directly with your company.

Consultancy and advisory services before and during the promotional campaign:

We initially prepare the scope of activity before beginning the project, then we discuss with you all aspects of our cooperation and start our work upon receiving the approval.
During the promotional campaign, we are exposed to different kinds of external and internal problems on which we do not have any influence (stock market situation, unexpected situations in your company). In such cases we prepare a new strategy of action, which is implemented as a priority in order to achieve the previously assumed objectives.
We do not compromise on issues and we have a team of individuals responsible for emergencies, which has a great reputation for handling increased risk situations. For us, there are no dead end situations and nothing can disturb a marketing strategy which is in progress.
Apart from preparing the strategy of action for the company and preparing the marketing operation strategy, Golden Smophy group also provides consultancy services.
We will perform the relevant analysis of a company, project specification, analysis of market and target groups, and then we will provide a feedback on actions that you should take for the purpose of further effective development.

Monitoring 24 hours a day:

The monitoring team, together with the team responsible for emergencies (external problems) takes care of the project success 24 hours a day throughout the term of a marketing campaign.
The project monitoring team provides a number of reports on company results every day.
Thanks to this, we notice certain project dependencies and behaviours over time, we find certain constant elements, or elements which repeat in cycles and we work on their improvement.
The monitoring team takes care of the project success all day; every mistake is eliminated on an ongoing basis. All teams work 24 hours a day, if necessary.

Report on results after promotional campaign:

At the end of our cooperation, you will receive a summary of our actions from us.
Information on what result we managed to achieve and what additional (our internal) objectives we managed to fulfil apart from those discussed earlier.
Additionally, you will receive all promotional materials which we used during the campaign (graphics, promotional films, articles, etc.).
Report on monitoring, problems (if any), and investor activities (divided into specific areas of the world). You will also receive a complete set of information from A to Z from the beginning, throughout and until the end of our cooperation.