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What is
Golden Smophy?

We are one of few global agencies specialised in the field of cryptocurrencies. We know nearly everything about this dynamically developing market. Some of our team members have been operating in the field of cryptocurrencies almost since the very beginning. We perfectly understand this market. Our passion has become our work. This makes us both effective and reliable business partners. We perfectly understand our customers’ needs. At the same time, we also understand the investors’ needs, and we cooperate with multiple key players in the market. We are capable of meeting expectations of both customers and investors.

Our offer

  • Projects

    We approach every project individually. A specially prepared marketing strategy allows us to achieve the previously assumed objectives and meet targets. Upon customers’ requests, we prepare short-term and long-term strategies. We know that every project is different and requires taking different actions. This is what distinguishes us from our competition – we are characterised by individual approach, as well as unconventional attitude towards our customers and companies.

  • Growth / optimization

    Upon receiving the information, we gradually involve in work relevant departments of our company. Our priority is complete satisfaction of the customers, but also of our employees, who use their full potential during implementation of particular tasks. As an agency, we offer our customers the creation and implementation of: – new development strategies – new marketing strategies – complex advertising campaigns – social media campaigns. We also guarantee: – attracting external investors to the project – project monitoring and analysis 24 hours a day – evaluation and report summarising the results.

  • Cooperation

    It is extremely important for us to be in close contact with our customers during the project implementation. We take the most important decisions together. After completing our activities, we stay in contact with the customers, providing them with support and assistance in further actions.

  • Contact with us!

Our realizations


We develop and implement marketing strategies in the cryptocurrency market.


We plan, carry out, analyse and report.


We are experts and enthusiasts of cryptocurrencies. We know how to promote your company and show your potential and offer to the world. We indicate the directions for further development. You can always rely on us.


We are characterised by quality, reliability and efficiency. Customer satisfaction is the greatest reward for us.